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No assistance required – independent access to pools No unterwater fixing required Elegant design in stainless steel Simple and fast to install Runs on 4 bar household water pressure Regain autonomous access to your pool! The poollift Dolphin is a valuable aid to get you in or out of a swimming pool without the need for any assisting person. No underwater installation is necessary. The lift is only fixed 1 time minimum 300mm away from the pool edge. No need for any electrical installation or battery use. The poollift runs on 4 bar household water pressure only! Operating levers at the upper as well as at the lower level allow simple operation of the unit. The height adjustable seat turns automatically 90° when lowering or rising. This poollift is very easy to install (and also to demount for storage matters) and is made from high grade (316S) stainless steel!


Max. loading capacity:

130 kg

Required water pressure:

4 bar

Maximum travel:

1600 mm


Stainless steel AISI 316

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